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Completed FOICA projects

55. Media Defense in Armenia


The Project was supported by International Media Support (IMS). The Project duration: 2 months. The Project started in May 2021 and ended in June 2021.

For ensuring media stability, protection and resilience in these challenging times, FOICA suggests equipping media practitioners with knowledge and skills in order to avoid defamation lawsuits and to protect themselves.

2 training sessions for media practitioners was organized to give them skills and knowledge on insult and defamation. Around 50 journalists will be engaged.

The training sessions were held for journalists including from regional media to train and teach on how to protect themselves against legal issues that arise from publishing and producing content, to avoid libel in their publications, what kind of wording to use to avoid of being sued, what legal mechanisms could be used to be protected in lawsuits.

The trainings were conducted based on a developed module within the framework of the project as well as based on a guidebook published by the FOICA.

 "Libel, slander and hate speech: protective mechanisms": 3.06.2021 

"Libel, slander and hate speech: protective mechanisms": 14.06.2021

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