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Completed FOICA projects



Supported by OSCE Yerevan office
Time period – 10 months, March – December 2006
The project has three components:

1. Publication of the Bulletin You Have a Right to Know, one issue, February-March 2006 issue.

The Bulletin is widely disseminated to the state and self-governing bodies, NGOs and Media outlets, Universities and schools. It is also directly handed out to all community people applying for consultancy to the FOI Center. In addition, the bulletins are distributed to the 11 training sessions’ participants that are organized during 2006 year.

2. Trainings for state local government representatives and civic groups. It is planned to conduct 11 training sessions in all regions of Armenia. This strand is co-funded by USAID/Armenia.

3. Freedom of Information Workshop

Workshop participants will discuss FOI practice followed adoption of the FOI Law. The participants of the workshop are NGOs active in the field, media representatives, representatives of International organizations, as well as FOI officers and PR officers of the ministries, local governments, regional governors offices from all regions of Armenia.

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