Freedom of Information Center of Armenia.

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Completed FOICA projects

20.05.2013 - 30. Qualitative monitoring of election campaign coverage

Supported by Counterpart International by the USAID/Armenia funding.

03.05.2013 - 29. "Freedom of the Press, Right to Know" Photo Exhibition 2013

Supported by Delegation of the European Union to Armenia, USAID/Armenia and OSCE Yerevan Office.

15.03.2013 - 28. Journalistic award 2013 on coverage of illegal migration

The contest was jointly organized by the RA Ministry of Territorial Administration’s State Migration Service, the International Centre for Human development and Freedom of Information Center NGO with financial assistance from the Belgium Ministry of Internal Affairs.

15.01.2013 - 27. "Sensitization on International Standards for Freedom of Expression for Lawyers, Judges, and Media Representatives"

Supported by the OSCE office in Yerevan. Project duration is 2 months (October - November 2012).

03.01.2013 - 26. Annual Award 2012 on coverage of human trafficking and fight against it

Supported by the U.S. Embassy and the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees Office. Project duration is 2 months (April-May, 2012).

01.04.2012 - 25. Technical Support to Information Disputes Council

Supported by the OSCE office in Yerevan. Project duration is 8 months (April - November 2012).

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