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Freedom of Information and Government-Media Communication in the Republic of Armenia


The main goal of this research is to examine the role of strategic communication and freedom of information in the Armenian government agencies’ work with the media, to identify the main problems in the area and recommend practical solutions.

The research employed different methods and was carried out in different phases. The first phase consisted of the researcher’s direct observation and examination of the official websites of various government agencies. At the same time, formal requests for official information on a number of issues related to the study were sent to various government agencies. This phase was followed by the examination of questionnaires filled out by the press spokespersons or freedom of information officers of various government agencies. A total of 18 questionnaires had been filled out and sent to us. This information was later supplemented as a result of meetings/interviews with spokespersons of various government agencies (representatives of 12 government agencies participated in such meetings/interviews). The experience of the Freedom of Information Center NGO was also examined. This NGO specializes in this subject and receives complaints from journalists who experience difficulties with access to information.

The research covers all the 11 ministries (except the RA Ministry of Defense), the State Oversight Service under the Prime Minister’s Office, the State Revenues Committee under the RA Government and the five inspectorates that have information and/or public affairs officers. The study covers a total of 18 government agencies (their complete list is included in Annex 1).

The research consists of 6 main sub-sections. Each sub-section contains specific recommendations on how to increase the effectiveness of work with the media, improve freedom of information and ensure balanced, accurate, comprehensive and timely information flow between the government and the public.

 Freedom of Information and Government-Media Communication in the Republic of Armenia

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