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Freedom of Information in the Administrative Districts of Yerevan


Gevorg Hayrapetyan

The FOICA had also requested information about whether any contracts have been signed for parking services in the administrative districts of Yerevan and had asked for copies of these contracts.

This initiative of the FOICA not only allowed to find out how many paid parking lots there are in Yerevan and how legal the charges are, but also showed how the demands of the RA “Law about Freedom of Information” are fulfilled by the administrative districts.

As was mentioned, the FOICA’s information inquiry allowed to find out how accurately do the administrative districts follow the RA “Law about Freedom of Information”. It is worth mentioning that none of the inquiries of the FOICA were left unanswered.

First, let’s talk about the content of the answers received from the administrative districts: it turns out that no paid parking lots operate under Arabkir, Erebuni, Avan, Shengavit, Davtashen, Nork-Marash, Nubarashen administrative districts. Thus, neither are there any contracts signed for parking services. It was mentioned in the answers that no cases have been detected when strangers or unknown organizations charged illegally for parking in these administrative districts. Moreover, Arabkir and Davtashen administrative districts recommended that people should call the police when illegally demanded to pay for parking. So, in the abovementioned administrative districts it is illegal to charge for parking.

According to the answers received from Malatia-Sebastia, Kanaker-Zeytun, Nor Nork and Ajapniak administrative districts, there do operate paid parking lots there. So, there are two paid parking lots in Malatia-Sebastia administrative district – both are between Raffi and Svachyan streets. In Kanaker-Zeytun administrative district there are 8 paid day parking lots – one is in front of the Relay factory, in the following addresses – Aharonyan 2, Nersisyan 9, D. Anhaght 23, Nersisyan 7, Fanarjyan 76 – as well as there are two parking lots at the “Victory” park. According to the answer received from Nor Nork administrative district, under this administrative district there are 5 paid parking lots, which are given to rent and operate in the area around the entrance of #2 Ambulatory hospital (Gyurjyan street), Gay avenue (the area between “Nork” shopping mall and the gas station), in the area adjoining the baths on Safaryan street, on Gay avenue in front of the stairs of the central entrance of #7 market, in the area to the left of #7 market from Safaryan street till Gay avenue. There is only one paid parking lot in Ajapniak administrative district – at the crossing of Margaryan and Bashinjaghyan streets.

The only answer which context did not answer any of the questions brought forward by the FOICA’s information inquiry was the one received from Center administrative district of Yerevan. In this response it was stated that taking into consideration the fact that the city of Yerevan now has a new legal status – Yerevan community – a necessity has arisen to reconsider the order of renting and operating parking lots in Yerevan. Moreover, this matter is in a discussion stage in Yerevan city hall. However, here nothing was mentioned about whether there are any paid parking lots or signed contracts.

As for the timing of the responses, Nubarashen, Nork-Marash, Ajapniak and Nor Nork administrative districts were the bests. They responded to the FOICA’s information inquiry before the five days defined by the law: although the FOICA had sent the inquiries on the 28th of June, 2010, the answer from Nubarashen district municipality was received one day after, and the answers from Nork-Marash, Ajapniak and Nor Nork district municipalities arrived in 3 days.

The rest of the administrative districts responded to the FOICA’s inquiry as follows: Kanaker-Zeytun administrative district – in 7 days, Davtashen, Shengavit, Malatia-Sebastia, Avan administrative districts – in 8 days, Erebuni and Arabkir administrative districts – in 9 days.

In this regard Center administrative district was the worst. Although their response was dated 09.07.2010, i.c. 10 days after the inquiry was sent, the FOICA received it three weeks late.

Almost all the administrative districts have given comprehensive and appropriate answers to the FOICA’s inquiry. So, Arabkir, Erebuni, Avan, Shengavit, Davtashen, Nork-Marash, Nubarashen, Kanaker-Zeytun and Ajapniak administrative districts have given final answers. However, it is worth mentioning that except Kanaker-Zeytun and Ajapniak administrative districts, in none of the rest of the administrative districts operate paid parking lots. Hence, there are no signed contracts, either. Although there are 8 paid parking lot in Kanaker-Zeytun administrative district, there are no contracts here, either, because the service of all of these parking lots realizes “Ertasharjh” company, which fully belongs to the administrative district. The best was the answer received from Ajapniak administrative district: here answers to all the questions of the FOICA were included, as well as the documents related to the only paid parking lot in this administrative district were provided.

Malatia-Sebastia, Nor Nork and Center administrative districts sent incomplete answers to the inquiries of Freedom of Information Center of Armenia. Although Malatia-Sebastia and Nor Nork administrative districts did respond to the questions in the FOICA’s inquiry, they did not provide copies of the contracts signed for paid parking services in these administrative districts.

The timing, as well as the appropriateness of the answer from Center administrative district was the worst. In fact, Center administrative district never answered to any of FOICA’s questions.

For giving incomplete answers, the heads of Malatia-Sebastia and Nor Nork administrative districts, and the head of Center administrative district – for providing absolutely no information at all – were included in the quarterly Black List of the FOICA.

So, there are no paid parking lots in Arabkir, Erebuni, Avan, Shengait, Davtashen, Nork-Marash and Nubarashen administrative districts. Thus it is illegal to charge money for parking in these administrative districts. And in Malatia-Sebastia, Kanaker-Zeytun, Nor Nork and Ajapniak administrative districts paid parking lots operate only in the abovementioned addresses. In places other than these it is also illegal to chare money for parking.


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