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The Implementation Practice of the Access to Information Right: Second Quarter, 2011


During the second quarter of 2011 (April-June) the Freedom of Information Center of Armenia and a number of citizens sent 120 written and electronic information requests to state governance and local self-government bodies. Out of 120 inquiries 87 (72%) were fully answered (the percentage of fully answered inquiries for the previous quarter was 88%).

There were 2 denials (2%), compared with last quarter’s 2 denials. One of the denials was grounded, because the ARM Ministry of Defense had sent the denial in a written form and with a good reasoning. However, instead of five days period defined by the ARM “Law on Freedom of Information”, the denial was received within 23 days. As for the second denial, it was unjustified, because the denial was made orally. The illegal denial was made by the ARM Ministry of Urban Development.

The number of mute refusals, as compared with the previous quarter, has increased more than 8 times, from 3 becoming 24 (20%). The unanswered inquiries were addressed to the ARM Ministry of Culture, Ministry of Emergency Situations, “HayPost” CJSC, “Hamalsaranakanner” county, ARM Ministry of Defence, Ministry of Nature Protection, city municipality of Gyumri, etc.

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