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FOI Monitorings

22.12.2010 - Ministers' incomes-2009

As in 2008, in 2009 too, Minister of Healthcare Harutyun Kushakyan had the highest income. His income amounted to AMD 341.615.000, which is 398 times more the lowest income (AMD 857.421) which was with Minister of Sport and Youth Affairs Artur Petrosyan, and 2.5 times as much as the income of Minister of Nature Protection Aram Harutyunyan who is the second in the list by incomes (AMD 131.061.616).

02.09.2010 - Governors' (marzpets') incomes - 2009

The analysis of the provided information shows, that none of the 9 governors, who submitted property and income declarations, alienated or acquired any stationary or movable property in 2009. Moreover, during 2009 none of the governors had foreign currency or property incomes.

31.08.2010 - Freedom of Information in the Administrative Districts of Yerevan

On the 28th of June, 2010 the Freedom of Information Center of Armenia sent information inquiries to the heads of all the administrative districts of Yerevan with the purpose to find out where in these administrative districts there are paid parking lots. Is there any legal act, based on which strangers in Yerevan streets are charging for parking? Are those charges legal? If not, then who can people complain to when they are asked to pay for parking their cars?

08.12.2008 - Monitoring of Freedom of Information at Local Self-Governing Bodies of the Republic of Armenia

The goal of the monitoring is to evaluate 5 year FOI legislation implementation practice by the RA regional (marz) self-governing bodies, to clarify how efficiently the requirements of this legislation are applied there. The monitoring was conducted in January-August 2008 in 17 communities of the Republic of Armenia: 9 urban and 8 rural communities.

07.05.2008 - Access to Information Right for Journalists

The purpose of this study is to promote the Armenian media’s access to information by: summing up journalists’ experience with obtaining information from state agencies since the adoption of the FOI law (since 2003); observing how effectively are journalists able to exercise their constitutional right of access to information and the FOI law in their daily work, and how open and transparent are state agencies for the media;...

11.04.2008 - Access to Information for Journalists

Freedom of Information Center published the survey results on the Access to Information for Journalists carried out within 105 media representatives. See the full text of the survey here . For this purpose, 105 journalists have been interviewed (60 journalists representing Yerevan-based media, 40 journalists representing media operating in the marzes and 4 journalists representing foreign media working in Armenia). The journalists mentioned that the access to...

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