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01.02.2006 - Freedom of Information Law implementation Monitoring 2005

The major aim of this monitoring is to examine on how state and public institutions implement their obligations under the FOI law. It provides more than an indicator of whether Armenian Government is meeting its own mandate regarding free and open information. The report analyzes the state of FOI in Armenia, it identifies reasons for failure to open access, as well as it highlights the institutions’ internal procedures for providing access to information. The Monitoring tracks the...

01.01.2006 - Freedom of Information Monitoring in the Republic of Armenia / 2004

In the Republic of Armenia the monitoring process was led by the Freedom of Information Center.  A total of 140 requests were submitted to 18 bodies out of which 6 were state government bodies, 8 local self-governing bodies, 2 courts, as well as 2 private organizations with public functions. It’s quite obvious that in comparison with the last year monitoring results, this year outcomes for all requests are more positive. There are several reasons for these positive changes. ...

01.01.2005 - Article 19 South Caucasus Report 2004

Article 19 report - Under Lock and Key, Freedom of Information and the Media in Armenia, Azerbaijan and Georgia .  Article 19, the Global Campaign for Free Expression, has been working in the South Caucasus, in collaboration with local partner organizations, since April 2003. ARTICLE 19’s Law Program prepared legal analyses of media laws in Armenia, Azerbaijan and Georgia and assisted local working groups with drafting new specialized legislation. 

01.09.2004 - Freedom of Information in Armenia 2004 (a poll)

In September 2004 the Freedom of Information Center of Armenia, by the assistance of OSCE and ARTICLE 19 has conducted a poll among state officials and media representatives of Armenia. The aim of the poll was to observe how effectively the provisions of the law on Freedom of Information are applied, how transparently and openly are working the state and local self-government bodies and what kind of obstacles the journalists face during their professional activities, while requesting for...

01.08.2003 - FOI Monitoring in the Republic of Armenia 2003

In the Republic of Armenia the monitoring process was lead by The Freedom of Information Center. A total of 100 requests were submitted to 18 bodies out of which 12 were State Government bodies, 3 local self-governing bodies and 3 Courts. At the time of Monitoring project in 2003, Armenia did not have a freedom of information law. The FOI law was adopted by the National Assembly on September 23 when the Monitoring was already concluded. The results of this Monitoring underscore the need...

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