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Shushan Doydoyan

Shushan Doydoyan is the founder of the Freedom of Information Center of Armenia since 2001. Ms. Doydoyan is a FOI activist who initiated and promoted adoption of the RA law on “Freedom of Information.” in 2003.

In June 2015 at the Universal Rights Awards Ceremony Ms. Doydoyan was awarded with the Freedom Defender Award in recognition of her outstanding efforts pursuing freedom of information, transparency and accountability in public decision-making.

Shushan Doydoyan is an Associate Professor of Yerevan State University. She has graduated from the Journalism Department with excellence diploma in 1997 and Law department in 2004. She has been teaching “Media Ethics”, “Media Law” and “Media self-regulation systems” curriculum in the Journalism Department for 18 years. Ms. Doydoyan has a PhD degree since 2001. 

She is the country representative of the Reporters Without Borders international organization since 2003. In 2004-2006 and 2010-2014 Shushan Doydoyan was a Steering Committee member of the FOI Advocates Network. She was also one of the founder members of the Access Info Europe. Ms. Doydoyan has provided expert services and trainings in the sphere of FOI and open government partnership with the support of OSCE, USAID, UNDP and GIZ. Started from 2011 she is the secretary of Information Deputes Council, which is the extrajudicial body for solving media related disputes (privacy of personal life, libel AND defamation, hate speech, etc). As a reporter she used to work at the Armenian Public Radio, Association of Investigative Journalists and Internews/Armenia in 1996-2003.

As the president of FOICA her current work includes undertaking and coordinating strategic litigation, public education campaigns, organizing trainings for civil servants, civil society representatives, monitoring of implementation of the RA law on “Freedom of information”, coordinating comprehensive social projects in the sphere of human rights, government transparency and openness and fight against corruption. 

She is an author of more than 60 scientific articles and about 20 books, monographs and textbooks.  


Liana Doydoyan
Projects Manager

From July 2001 to present Liana Doydoyan is a founder member of the Freedom of Information Centre of Armenia,(  From September 2005 to present she is a Professor at Journalism Department, Yerevan State University, Courses: E-Governance and Civil Society.

From November 2004 to October 2009 she is an editor in Chief of the Internet department of the Armenian Public Television. From January 2001 to 2007 Liana Doydoyan was a head of the “.am” department, of PanArmenian Network. From February 1997 to January 2001 Producer of the Radio Program “The Law” of the Public Radio of Armenia.

She has participated a lot of seminars and Conferences, such as: “Civil society and the right to access to state held information: responses to recent European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) decisions”, Budapest, Hungary.  “Investigation Journalism” Washington, Seattle, New York. USA. “Computer assisted Investigative reporting” seminar. Maastricht, Netherland, etc…  


Gevorg Hayrapetyan
Member of FOICA's board

Gevorg Hayrapetyan was the lawyer of the Freedom of Information Center of Armenia since 2005. In 2007 Gevorg Hayrapetyan graduated the study in the Law Faculty of Yerevan State University, and in 2006 he graduated the study in Legal Clinic of the Law Faculty of YSU. The theme of his final work was “Freedom of Information in the Republic of Armenia”. In 2015 he got masters degree. The theme of his master thesis was "The new challenges of Freedom of Information". He has passed trainings in Short-term Courses on Freedom of Information in Ukraine (2005, Kiev) and in the Check Republic (2006, Prague). Gevorg Hayrapetyan is a FOI expert.

Gevorg Hayrapetyan is a author of 9 books on FOI - “Access to Information Right. Collection of Court Cases” ((co-author - Shushan Doydoyan, Yerevan, 2006), “Public elections” (co-author - Marine Hakobyan, Yerevan, 2007), “Access to Information Right. Collection of Court Cases” Volume 2 (co-author - Shushan Doydoyan, Yerevan, 2010), “The Legal regulation of the right to freedom of information in the Republic of Armenia: Commentaries” (co-author - Shushan Doydoyan, Karapet Harutyunyan, Yerevan, 2010), “Transparent Elections. How to Receive Information during Electoral Processes” (co-author – Mrs. Marine Hakobyan, Yerevan, 2012), "How to Cover Legal Matters. Guide for Journalists" (co-authors – Mrs. Sona Truzyan, Mr. Karapet Harutyunyan, Yerevan, 2012), “Access Zone or e-Armenia” (co-authored publication, the authored section “Code of Ethics of Online Journalist”, Yerevan, 2012), “Access to Information Right. Collection of Court Cases” Volume 3 (co-author – Mrs. Shushan Doydoyan, Yerevan, 2013), “The best in the Net” online journalist’s guidebook (co-authored publication, the authored section “Copyright protection for the Armenian media”, Yerevan, 2013). He also has published more than 30 articles and analyzes on FOI and transparency of state bodies, access to official documents, on insult and defamation.

 Lusine Eksuzyan
Office administrator

Lusine Eksuzyan works in Freedom of Information center of Armenia as Project director assistant. During this time she has participated in international conferences dedicated to Freedom of Information held in Kiev, Vienna, as well as she participated in “Open World” program organized by US Embassy in Montana, Great Falls. The program was dedicated to good governance and community involvement.

In 2016 she was a volunteer in FOICA and made translations and some administrative work. Before that, in 2015 she volunteered in ADC programming organization as a translator. 201-2012 she was a volunteer in “Orran” NGO. As a volunteer-translator she participated in “One Nation, One Culture” pan-Armenian festival in 2010 and in Canonization ceremony of the Martyrs of the Armenian Genocide in Etchmiadzin in 2015.

In 2016 she graduated from Yerevan State University Romance and Germanic Faculty, Bachelor's degree. In 2018 she got the MA degree in the same faculty. Shi is fluent in English and German.

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