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"You are Informed" TV programm

"You’re Informed" TV program is devoted to the people' right to know. The program talks about how people can receive necessary information according to the ARM Legislation, where and how to apply, what to do when their inquiry is denied, etc. And most importantly, it tells about how people can implement their other rights through the right to know.

07.08.2010 - To Future Mothers, part 1

This release of "You are Informed" TV program of the FOICA told future mothers about the information that they need to know about receiving medical assistance in pre-birth and post-birth periods.

07.08.2010 - To Future Mothers, part 2

Since 1 January, 2009 the amount of the subsidy for childbirth was defined as AMD 50.000, and if the infant is the third child or precedes the third child, then the amount is AMD 430.000. By the way, the subsidy is given for each newborn child. If twins are born and they are the first two children then the parents receive AMD 50.000 for each. However, if the twins are the second and the third children then the parents will receive AMD 50.000 for one and AMD 430.000 for the other.

07.08.2010 - To Future Mothers, part 3

Use your rights, own your rights, let your pregnancy become 9 months of happiness, and let the birth of the baby grant you with countless smiles…

01.08.2010 - Free Medical Service for Children, part 1

This release introduces those legal bases which allow free medical service in Armenia for children under 7. How and where to obtain necessary information about it? How and where to appeal when, for example, the local doctor does not provide your child with the necessary medicines or when you are charged for some laboratory examination?

01.08.2010 - Free Medical Service for Children, part 2

It is also important to know that there is a special list of diseases approved by the minister of healthcare, when the patients continue receiving free medicines from polyclinics, even when the state temporarily stops providing medicines. For example, mental illnesses, insulin- and noninsulin-dependent diabetes, epilepsy, heart diseases, etc.

01.08.2010 - Free Medical Service for Children, part 3

The order is defined by the state, the means for informing more or less work, however, the protection of children’s rights is not always ensured. Hence, first of all it is necessary for parents to be more attentive towards their surrounding, not to ignore signs in polyclinics, talk to other mothers and fill their information gap.

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