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"You are Informed" TV programm

"You’re Informed" TV program is devoted to the people' right to know. The program talks about how people can receive necessary information according to the ARM Legislation, where and how to apply, what to do when their inquiry is denied, etc. And most importantly, it tells about how people can implement their other rights through the right to know.

18.07.2010 - Participating in the Country’s Governance, part 1

This program talks about the accessibility of official information, and the issues with the transparency and openness of the work of government bodies. Particularly it marks those basic principles, which are essential for people to participate in the governance system and affect on the decision-making process.

18.07.2010 - Participating in the Country’s Governance, part 2

How openly and accountably do communities work? Are people aware of the decisions made during councilor sittings? Freedom of information is the key to everyone’s rights.

15.01.2010 - Community Associations, part 1

This release of "You are Informed" TV program of the FOICA touches upon problems like communal payments, payments for apartments, garbage-removal payments, and a number of other issues that are present in apartment buildings.

14.01.2010 - Community Associations, part 2

What are the so-called “Payments for Apartments” for? This question often arises in every dweller of an apartment building, when a representative from the relevant body knocks at his/her door demanding money for the garbage that was not removed, the yard that was not cleaned, the roof that was not repaired, etc…

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