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The main mission of FOICA is to defend the people's constitutional right to have access to information. "Freedom of Information Center of Armenia" non-governmental organization (FOICA) was founded on July 1st, 2001. The mission of FOICA is to contribute to the transparency and openness of the government system and to stimulate civil society's involvement in the governance system.

Success Stories

Success stories of the Freedom of Information Center's 22-year history.

Court Cases

Here we present complete picture of judicial practice in the field of freedom of information: all court cases on FOI, with related documents: Information requests, court decisions, etc.

Black List

Black list of those officials and institutions which infringed people’s right to access to information, quarterly composed by the FOI Center. The List is also published in the bulletin and Armenian print media.

Informed Armenia project

This project seeks to ensure that journalists and civil society organisations produce and share easy-to-understand information.

Recent news
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Violation of access to information right of the FOICA and the media outlet Infocom

The journalist of the news site contacted the FOICA and asked for assistance in obtaining information from the ruling party Civil Contract before local elections 2023. The problem was that the Civil Contract party had left unanswered the journalist’s information requests regarding the donations received by the party for the Yerevan city elections, in particular, regarding compliance with legal requirements for political parties’ donation processes.


ATI self-assessment mechanisms: training for ATI officials took place

On August 29, a training session focused on implementing Access to Information self-assessment mechanisms took place. The event was attended by approximately 22 representatives from various ministries' public relations departments and Access to Information (ATI) officials.


Azerbaijan Permanently Suspended from the Open Government Partnership

The Open Government Partnership (OGP) Steering Committee has resolved to permanently suspend Azerbaijan from OGP.


TRAINING: “Firewall of Disinformation"

We invite you to apply for the free training series “Firewall of Disinformation: Developing civil society organisations’ skills to identify and counter anti-Western disinformation”.


Research: Private Sector in the Beneficial Ownership Transparency Reform in Armenia

The researchers studied the level of engagement of the private sector in BOT reform in Armenia, assessed benefits to the private sector (exemplified by the media companies) of having reliable information on beneficial owners publicly available, compliance amongst the private sector actors with the new BO reform, the role private sector companies can play in the reform and make necessary recommendations on effective messaging strategies supporting the BOT...